The Gym Management System is designed to facilitate the Gym / Health Club in doing away with the manual process of maintaining Registers for Member Data, Invoices, Payment Details, Validity Checks, Counter Checks etc.



  1. Different Login for each user.
  2. Creation of different rights.
  3. Use of the Software for not only Visitors but Members but for Employees also
  4. Feature to add Date Validity, Counter, Happy Hours etc and store the same in the reader.
  5. User Friendly GUI based Screen for proper navigation
  6. All systems developed as per INDIAN environment.
  7. Identify and Online view of the members, provide authorized access to various facilities of the gym/Health club and allow only authorized members to enter the Gym and access the facilities as also purchase food and beverages at the gym/club.
  8. The reader can be used for various applications. For gym/club these could include authenticating the member. Validating the user’s usage through dates and number of usage or both.
  9. Invoice Generation and Membership Billing and E-cash for selling other items at the various gym/club.
  10. The software has been designed to meet the future requirements of any gym/club, allowing the gym/club to charge different rates for Daily, Monthly, Annual members, and have further divisions such as Peak or Happy Hours users.
  11. The solution will allow the members to scan their finger templates where the information like Membership number and its validity period, Facility access points and their validity etc can be stored.

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