Getnotify Email tracking System is absolutely free for use. Its a easy to use tracking system allows you to manage email smoothly.


Getnotify is the best Email tracking System in the market

Sending an email is likely the most effortless type of correspondence these days. Yet, when you send an email, for the most part you don’t know regardless of whether your email has been conveyed effectively and perused by the beneficiary. GetNotify is a Free Email Tracking administration which tells you when the email you send gets read. We send you an email read notificaion when the beneficiary of your sent email opens and peruses your email.

Not at all like other Email Tracking Softwrae, getnotify don’t charge a penny from our clients to track email. With, Tracking Email is FREE. Likewise, our Email Tracking system is undetectable to the beneficiary; your email beneficiary will never be provoked to send you a Return Receipt.

How Does Getnotify Email Tracking System works

We monitor your sent messages and send you an Email Return Receipt or Email Read Receipt as an Email Read Notification when your sent email gets opened. Our Free Email Tracking procedure does not depend on old Email Read Receipt or Email Return Receipt method, which prompts the beneficiary regardless of whether to send the read receipt or return receipt. With us, you will send an ensured mail and we will reveal to you the correct date and time at which your beneficiary opened your sent email. We will likewise enlighten you concerning Recipient’s IP address, Geographical Location, Operating framework, Web Browser’s name and so forth.

Our online Email Tracker framework works with all cutting edge email organizations including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and so on and all customer side email programs including Outlook, Eudora and so forth. You don’t have to download any product or module to utilize our Email Tracking administration, simply send your messages similarly as you send now. You should simply to include toward the finish of beneficiary’s email address in your active email. You will get an Email affirmation as soon and each time your email gets read.

Features of Getnotify

  1. Get Recipient’s IP address, location etc
  2. Track how long your email was read
  3. Get Recipient’s Browser and OS Name
  4. Add after email address
  5. Track Links in your Emails
  6. Free Email Tracking

Benefits of Getnotify

  1. Can be used for Email Marketing
  2. Tracks multiple email reads
  3. It is Absolutely FREE
  4. Can be used for Personal Emails
  5. You can use your own tracking image
  6. Works witn any email client/provider