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Build a timeline of emails, calls, and to-do items for your Flight Plan, and then you add prospects to the campaign that’s the best fit for them. As they travel on their customer journey, you respond to their emails, make real calls, and create a relationship.


Flight Plans helps you create new sales relationships from your inbox.
People buy from people, and we want to put your personality front and center. Work directly from your inbox to have personal conversations at scale.

Eliminate Data Entry
Data entry is cumbersome, time consuming, and the #1 reason for poor Salesforce adoption. Instead of Salesforce separating you from your daily workflow, we bring it right into your inbox. Now you can easily log accurate, useful data into Salesforce from Gmail or Outlook without flipping between tabs or copy/pasting. No more wasted time.

Instantly Create New or Edit Records
Instantly create new Salesforce records from your inbox as soon as new deals or prospects arrive. Avoid logging into Salesforce whenever data needs to be added. Your pipeline and workflow will thank you.

Log Calls to Salesforce
Using Cirrus Insight, you can log a call to Salesforce, and relate it to the appropriate lead or contact without leaving your inbox or while on your mobile device.

One-Click to Save Emails & Attachments to Salesforce
Manual data entry wastes time. You don’t adopt Salesforce when you feel like it’s a time-sink. Remove the tediousness by saving emails and attachments automatically or with a single click.

Sync All of Your Calendar Events with Salesforce
With Calendar Sync, all your events are automatically synced between Salesforce and your Gmail or Outlook calendar. Change one and the other will match. Never again forget to save another event to Salesforce.

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