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Extracting and merging data from multiple databases can cause major integration issues. Problems stem from trying to match records that have different spellings due to many factors, including inconsistent naming conventions, typos and abbreviations. Identifying and removing duplicates is crucial to save space and be efficient. This is why we created iugum Data Software®. Improve your data management with this easy to use software to cleanse, fuzzy match and merge your lists, datasets or databases. No need to know any programming language or spend hours learning a complicated technical application.


Fuzzy Match

  • Link misspelled data from different sources
  • Create powerful match queries in a few clicks
  • Customize to your own needs

Customizable Libraries
iugum Data Software® provides three customizable libraries – Noise, Predefined and Synonym – for you to use in various ways. They all come pre-populated with some entries but you can add your own information to them over time. Using the libraries in every match run you do means that you don’t have to re-establish match criteria each time, saving you time, effort and frustration. The power of the libraries really kicks in when paired with fuzzy matching or when shared between different members of a team working on a large data set.

Multiple matches
To save you the time and effort of running one match on a pair of datasets and then running another match and then another and so on, iDS brings you the functionality of sequencing. With this, you can perform multiple matches in one process run. And not only that, you can fuzzy match records simultaneously on more than one field. iDS is serious about making your data matching as convenient as possible.

Data cleansing
Sometimes you just want to cleanse or remove duplicates (deduplicate) a data set, and iDS is efficient at that too. The Noise library comes into play here, and the end result is a report of the cleaned up version of whatever data fields you specify you want to cleanse.

Easy to use
Our software can be used by anyone to quickly identify and cleanse noise words, identify similar words through fuzzy data matching and eliminate duplicate entries and produce useful reports.

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