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It’s difficult for Franchise to find a single platform, turnkey solution that provides them the ability to customize features to manage and meet their unique business needs.Benchmark IT Solutions has built a solution which can help Franchise create a more agile platform on which a tailored, effective Information Management Solution is developed using open source technologies.


We understand that every franchise has its own distinctive needs and that there are common challenges faced such as:

  •  Different technologies by departments/business units,
  •  Inconsistent execution in processes,
  •  Poor collaboration between teams/departments,
  •  Declining productivity,
  •  Manual processes for the creation of reports from various data sources,
  •  Inability to collectively manage contacts, documents, financials, properties, units and locations
  •  Issues with staff recruitment and marketing.

Some of the features and benefits of a Franchise Management Solutions from Benchmark IT Solutions:

  •  System Integration and consolidation to improve process efficiency
  •  Optimizing accounting system and financial consolidation
  •  CRM (Campaign, Lead Tracking, New recruitment, Collaboration & Training)
  •  Data consolidation, Custom reports for revenue and business forecast.
  •  Back office Intranet and portals for Franchise users and customers.


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