Focusi ERP


Focusi ERP is a revolutionary ERP System that integrates s business intelligence tools with traditional ERP implementations enabling users to generate business intelligence reports on the go.


Introduction to Focusi ERP Software

Focusi ERP is an innovative new age erp system that integrates the sharpness of Business Intelligence with the depth of a traditional ERP. This Enterprise resource software helps users to run statistical models, analyze data, extract, and generate business intelligence reports on the go.

This Erp business software Strengthen your business with a flawless Business Intelligence embedded in a strong ERP that enables seamless integration, effortless customization and reliable/flawless automation.

Key features of our ERP System

  1. Analyze business growth with the built-in business intelligence tools
  2. Combine multiple reports from different modules
  3. Get quick view of your business even on the move on the executive dashboard
  4. Improve responsiveness to activities that impact your business
  5. Reporting capabilities eliminate the need for a separate reporting tool
  6.  Accessibility of dashboard on mobile device
  7. Integrated Business Intelligence
  8. Alerts – customized as per user’s requirements
  9. Dashboard interface for each user
  10. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) definition