FlowOne V™ is a software suite that provides a holistic, end-to-end view and orchestration of digital services – all built on a multi-vendor, multi-domain, multi-technology network and IT infrastructure. FlowOne V™ is an independent NFV vendor orchestrator covering one or many virtualised domains or data centres. Design, deploy and manage the lifecycle of closed-loop services with unforeseen agility.


Key benefits

The ultimate unifier
Clear end-to-end view of services across multiple virtual domains and hybrid networks including physical and virtual service components. Pre-integrated processes to fuel service orchestration from service introduction to delivery and dynamic service lifecycle management.

End-to-end or nothing
Modular, multi-domain and technology agnostic end-to-end orchestration engine. Handles billions of transactions a day. Spans across multiple virtual and physical domains.

FlowOne V™ consists of a pre-integrated suite of independent software products or domains. Supports a large array of platforms and protocols. Extensible without vendor lock-ins.

Safe journey
Proven to support the CPS transformation journey using best practices for service provider business need. Continuous integration and delivery practices to support agile transformation.

Lead with the design
Onboard the service components. Design end-to-end services with ease and validate them rapidly. Service components are sourced from multiple platforms and normalized to a common, digestible format. Publish the designed services into multiple systems and channels.

Product to match the roles
The product UI design roles match the crucial stages of the service delivery process. Let your system users be the heroes of the day.
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