FlowOne Fulfillment™


FlowOne Fulfillment™ is a software suite for modern, digital & multichannel IT service orchestration. It removes fulfillment silos from the OSS and builds a unified, highly scalable solution for any business vertical such as B2B, B2C and wholesale. It provides an accurate information of the network and services, is vendor-agnostic and adaptable to any environment.


Key benefits

Perfect customer experience
Frictionless wholesale and ordering process, even with complex B2B services. From the service proposal and order capture all the way to the fast and accurate delivery. Deliver right the first time and perfect the customer journey in service delivery.

Opportunities into fast services
FlowOne Fulfillment™ quickly turns new market opportunities into deliverable services. Split services into reusable service catalog components. Combine with new service entities and modify for any business and sales channel. Service delivery fully controlled and highly automated, speeding up the way to new revenues.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Remove vendor lock-ins, integrate to any network and business solution. Unify the service delivery for all services including mobile, broadband, IPTV and voicenance costs. With end-to-end process automation, minimise manual steps and use resources for more strategic tasks.

From the Cloud, for the Cloud with the Cloud
Move the infrastructure and services gradually to cloud. Leverage modern cloud based business support systems like the Salesforce ecosystem. Enrich their service offering with your own cloud or 3rd party OTT services. Unify delivery for all of them. Begin the journey towards hydrid networks with traditional and virtual network functions (VNF).

Never walk alone
Deliver OSS projects and services with any partner or system integrator. FlowOne Fulfillment™ comes with Software Development Kits to guarantee success.

Federate the inventories
Instead of migrating everything to one inventory, leverage the existing inventories when relevant. Federated inventories give you a clear understanding of the network and service capabilities. Retire obsolete inventories in a controlled manner.

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