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The Expesite VisionPM commercial real estate property management software solution revolutionizes the way your executive team, development team, general contractors, suppliers, and vendors manage and implement real estate projects by improving communication regarding project scope, design, costs, equipment, and timeline changes. 


Accelerate Time to Availability

Increase your visibility into project schedules and process bottlenecks in real time using Expesite’s construction project software, which will help you reduce time from turnover to space readiness. Using robust scheduling capabilities, you can monitor and reduce cycle times and automatically adjust schedules in real-time.

Consolidate Project Data

Standardize project management processes, helping you improve collaboration and visibility into budgeting and scheduling. View both summarized and detailed information from an owner’s or manager’s perspective from within your Expesite VisionPM construction project software.

Collaborate on Project Documents

Upload and organize documents associated with your projects and maintain version control as updates are made, allowing your organization to maintain a single document resource library within your commercial property management software. Store unlimited information on versions, construction drawings, purchase orders, change requests, as well as document, note and email attachments.

Minimize Change Order Commitments

Execute a purpose-built process for change order evaluation and bidding in order to reduce the quantity and costs of change orders. This will help you to reduce the volume and amount of these change orders. Once a change order is processed, budgets and schedules automatically update, saving you time and helping you stay on track.

Optimize GC Bid Process

Utilize an efficient general contractor (GC) bid review process within your Expesite VisionPM construction scheduling software, allowing for apples-to-apples, line-by-line comparisons of bids to ensure spending is optimized. Once a bid is accepted, our solution automatically updates your project budget.

Monitor Projects in Real Time

Link project tasks with milestone tracking for various project activities to ensure project execution efficiency. Each milestone task supports planned, forecasted and actual start and end dates tracked within your VisionPM enterprise project management software.

Manage Purchase Orders and Invoices

Automate your entire purchasing cycle by integrating your VisionPM construction project software with your IWMS software and your ERP system for invoice routing and approvals.

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