eProfessor allows schools to start your online school. Get eLearning platform and CBSE & life skills course content. Any educational institute can start your own online institute and get eLearning platform and free academic & grooming content. Corporate, companies and small business enterprise that need to train staff or clients can bring their training courses.


Key Features

  1. Create your cloud campus at zero cost
  2. White labeled Online brand for your School
  3. Enroll your Students and Teachers
  4. Use free available 395+ course content
  5. Create, Upload and Deliver your online course
  6. Mobile Learning Platform Anytime Anywhere
  7. Build your School Community Networking
  8. Communication Tools for Effective Teaching
  9. Monitoring tracking & reporting
  10. eLearning Tools & Management Systems
  11. Courses for Parents
  12. Rating & Liking System for Teaching & Learning