Entab Campus Care


Entab Campus Care is among top School ERP Software in India. Built on cutting edge technology our solutions will take care of complete campus management tasks.


Introduction to Entab Campus Care

Welcome to the top 10 cloud based School Management Software in India. Entab Campus Care is known as the most user friendly school software for connecting parents, teachers, principals and management on a single platform. Our Software solutions have been implemented in more than 1300 schools spread across 27 cities for  19 years.

Why Entab Campus Care

Enhancing Academics and Teaching

Using Entab’s ERP Software you can be rest guaranteed that your chart for estimating execution will dependably demonstrate a climb because of our yearly definite investigation report produced by our School Erp Software.

Energizes Transparency

Our online school administration programming advances straightforwardness by giving day by day updates of home-work, attendance, school news and exercises, fliers, inflow and outflow of funds, and so forth.

Enhances Efficiency

Entab’s School Erp Software creates an accommodated perspective of yearly accumulations which helps in deciding ongoing position of assets. Additionally, extraordinary modules create distinctive reports which helps in keeping a tight handle on things.

Guardians Involvement

Parents are associated with school through parent parent engagement tool, for example, versatile application and parent dashboard which gives standard notices of home – work, exercises and so on. Further, guardians are likewise urged to give standard inputs helping schools in accomplishing greatness.

Reputation Improves

When you open yourself to Entab Campus Care you instantly open yourself to progress. Our Busy Software pushes for regular correspondence among guardians and school as far as execution, academics which at last outcomes in enhancing the altruism and reputation of the school.





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