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Engagedly redefines performance management by simplifying and incorporating elements of employee engagement into the performance review process.With Engagedly you can get 360 Feedback and continuous performance reviews done easily. 


Key Features

Engaging Performance Management

Employee performance reviews have for many years remained a complex process for organizations. Today, with the advent of millennials, legacy employee management processes are increasingly being rejected by employees and managers. Legacy performance appraisal software providers do not cater to millennials. Engagedly, with its fresh take on the employee appraisal process saves time for administrators, managers and employees. Our employee performance management software is essential to the alignment and improvement of overall performance and employee recognition.

Employee Appraisal Software with 360 Degree Feedback

Employees listen and act better when colleagues give feedback. Such feedback is considered less biased than a manager’s feedback. Engagedly makes this process simple and it takes minutes, not weeks to set up a 360 review process. You can set up an anonymous 360-degree employee feedback software system or keep it open. The choice is yours. Engagedly’s multi-rater performance management software is simple yet powerful.

Experience Continuous Feedback

The no. 1 cause of employee disengagement is lack of feedback and recognition. Engagedly makes giving and receiving feedback a breeze. Our performance management software allows for continuous ongoing feedback. Users have the option to provide real time one-on-one feedback, request one-on-one feedback, provide social praise, and utilize notifications and alerts. Feedback & praise can be transformational in a 1:1 environment. Transform your workplace with Engagedly’s employee recognition and performance management system.

Set & Track Employee Goals

With the Engagedly Cascading Goal setting module, you can set goals for your team members, track goals and monitor them. With scheduled email alerts, Engagedly’s goal setting software will make sure employees are checking-in their goal progress regularly. Engage your employees with our online goal setting software.

Employee Engagement Redefined

Engage your employees with our social platform. Let employees connect & collaborate. Share ideas. Ask for help. Communicate values organization wide. With the Engagedly employee recognition platform, you can get team members to motivate each other by awarding points for significant contributions. You can even set up a point leaderboard. Through our employee recognition software, Employees can optionally redeem reward points too.





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