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EnavPurchase is one of Enaviya’s Expense Management of eProcurement software solutions for Pharma, Automobile, E-commerce and other Industries. It is a web- based procurement solution that allows you to fully automate your procure-to-pay procedure. It lets you handle the whole procurement process with great ease.


Benefits of Procurement System

  • Identify the products and services to procure
  • View the company requisitions all in one place
  • Approve the purchase of products based on priority
  • Place purchase orders and issue it to suppliers
  • Decide on delivery timeframes and transaction costs
  • Generate vendor contracts and transaction receipts
  • Approve financial settlements

Why EnavPurchase E-Procurement Software?

EnavPurchase helps to simplify the purchasing process and lower transaction cost. It helps save decision making time and help streamline the workforce. It will improve the operational efficiency of your procurement department to give you a competitive boost over the others. By automating the entire process, you ensure smoother and faster purchasing. By centralising your company’s procurement requirements, EnavPurchase reduces redundancy. It aims to add a strategic value and helps boost the financial performance of your company. With so many benefits, EnavPurchase ensures speedy return of investment.

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