ELL English Online


Ecole solutions offers pedagogically sound eLearning courseware for English, in partnership with ELL technology, a enterprise that has delivered English language-studying multimedia solutions for clients round the world, for over two decades. approximately 3.5 million customers throughout 30 international locations have benefited by means of the use of ELL’s on-line Language learning program.


ELL English Online combines state-of-the-art technology with fundamental pedagogical principles to offer a broad spectrum of innovative, stimulating and interactive products to learn English as a Second Language. This includes general English courses and specialized programs for Business English, English for Academic Purposes, English for Young Learners, and more.

All the ELL English Online products are designed on Blended Learning principles to enable learners to learn at their own pace while getting guidance from experts as and when required. The products encompass various pedagogical approaches with special focus on communicative, theme-based and skill-based approach.

All the ELL English Online products foster LSRW which is vital to English and/or Foreign Language learners. While the learner can practice listening skills using in-built passages, ‘Speak2Me’ and ‘Studio’ help the learner to gain confidence by practicing speaking skills.

Product Highlight

  1. Supports peer-to-peer, one-to-many interaction
  2. Enhances individual and group study experience
  3. Teachers can author and use their own content
  4. Can be used to deliver any language
  5. Compatible with Windows based PCs and network
  6. Exam module delivers assessments online
  7. Round table discussion and model imitation supported