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EHS provides tailored solutions to meet each customer’s unique requirements. We can address all phases of development; including design, integration, implementation, testing, and knowledge transfer. Additionally, we can work on the customer site or from our offices. Projects can range in length from one day to several months, dependent on need. EHS India provides Customized MSDS Management solutions. The solutions developed so far are designed in VB.NET/ SQL Server and PHP/MYSQL.


  1. MSDS Management: EHS India provides cost effective MSDS Management Solutions to its clients. The solutions are tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Based on the client’s requirement the solutions can be either Desktop or Web Based. The solutions are developed using VB.NET/ SQL Server, PHP/MYSQL and Java Technologies.
  2. MSDS Transcription: EHS India provides cost effective and high quality MSDS transcription services to its clients. We provide on-time transcription so that client can meet the deadlines. On an average we transcribe about 500-1000 MSDS’s per day but we can enhance the capacity based on customer’s requirement.
  3. MSDS QC Control: EHS India has a good team of dedicated professionals which provide a 99.5 – 99.8% QA on all MSDS Data. The data is checked twice to ensure that quality is at an agreed level. We know that MSDS Data is very specific with no scope of error, so we follow set instructions so as to provide a high quality data to our clients.
  4. MSDS Updating: EHS India provides MSDS Updating services to its clients. We contact the suppliers over email, web and phone and obtain the latest copy of MSDS and upload these into client’s MSDS Data
  5. MSDS Search: EHS India provides MSDS Search facility to its clients. We search the very latest MSDS on the web going through the various websites. Once the MSDS is retrieved, if it is not in PDF, we convert it into PDF and upload it to client’s server.

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