Enterprise TDS Software which covers Computation of Salary & Other than Salary, Online Challan, e-TDS Returns, Generation of Form 16/16A & different MIS Reports for day to day activities.


Key Features:
EasyTDS software helps to compute TDS under different heads of the Income-tax Act.
  1. Salaries
  2. Interest on securities
  3. Interest other than Interest on Securities
  4. Payments to Contractors/ Sub contractors
  5. Rent
  6. Fees to Professionals
  7. Winning from lotteries and puzzles
  8. Winnings from horse races
  9. Insurance commission
  10. Non resident sportsman or sports Association
  11. National savings Scheme (NSS)
  12. Commission etc on sale of lottery tickets
  13. Commission/Brokerage
  14. Income in respect of income from Units
  15. Compensation or Acquisition of Capital assets
  16. Payments to Non-Residents
  17. Units held by an off-shore funds
  18. Income from Foreign currency bonds
  19. Income of FII from securities
  20. Tax Collected at Source

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