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E-Site enables you to manage our construction Site smoothly & efficiently. This is a very simple to use and useful software for builders and construction companies to manage their entire site execution online i.e. like a website. The data is kept on server and can be accessed by the users with the rights as decided by the admin. It requires the user to have wired Internet with STATIC IP at office /server end.The purchase order, MRN,GRN & material issue can be controlled through rights given to the respective authorized users this can be done also wrt estimation. i.e any material procured in exess of estimated can be tracked and controlled.



  • Engineering Module: Estimate, Planning & Rate analysis, Material Requisition note(MRN)
  •  Purchase Order Module: Supplier Quotation Entry, Supplier rate comparison, Purchase order, Supplier Payment,Outstanding Material & Payments
  •  Store Module: GRN- Material Received, GRN Inspection, Material Issue, Material Return, Transfer in-Transfer out of Material from Site to Site. Inventory-Stock
  •  Contractor Module: Contractor work order, Preparation of R A Bills & Normal Bills.
  •  Variance Report for Cost & Material: Engineering Module Compared with Estimated
  •  Reports: Material Inward Outward, Supplier wise Pending Material Project wise Stock, Building wise-Floor wise Material Issue
  •  Pop Ups and Reminders wrt Authorization are Available in E Site.
  •  Tally ConnectivitySystem Requirements: Windows Operating System, Static IP with Wired Broadband at Server End. Internet Accessibility at User End

Source : http://www.newtonindia.com





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