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Easy to use, beautiful to look at and packed with all the features you need, Deskero combines the elements of a simple help desk with the most modern channels of communication, like chat and social networks.


Simple at heart,with all the features you need

Customer care doesn’t have to be difficult:
you can get in touch with your customer in a matter of minutes!

Multi-Channel support
You can now receive help requests (we call them “tickets”) from everywhere – emails, phone-calls, chats, the web, social networks, APIs – and collect them in one single place. Deskero will help you keep your customer care efficient, so that your agents stay productive and your clients become even happier!

Email import
You can easily convert any request you get by email into a ticket, by importing subject, text and attachments. And you can automate the process in a snap, by using Deskero’s smart filtering optionsthat automatically transform each imported email into a ticket with specific properties, and they assign it to the right agent through automated assignment rules. Filters can do everything in your place!
Don’t want to use IMAP or POP3? No problem! You can quickly set up a forward account to send everything right to Deskero!

Right from your website
Collect feedback and requests directly from your own web page, WordPress or Magento site: you can quickly configure our widget and integrate it into your existing website, to provide an absolutely seamless customer care experience.

Tailor-made, for you!
We built our software to be both flexible and handy, and to mold easily around your workflow… but if it’s still not enough, we are right here to create something tailor made, just for your company.

Every mouse-click counts!
We are here to simplify your job, and that’s where our Quick Reply function comes in! Why drag your mouse all over the place, when you can do everything in a second?

Not your everyday, heartless cloud!
Cloud software is just great! So easy to get started with, so simple to use, and completely self-service! However, we do understand that sometimes companies need more: they need someone to be there for them, understand their issues and find a new way to ease your pain.

Customer care, on the go!
Your team doesn’t need to be tied down to a desk in order to delight customers: being always available doesn’t have
to be such a drag!

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