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Rapid and Strategic Application Migration & Re-Engineering Services for Accelerated Redeployment, Improved Application Performance, Reduced Operational Costs.Our re-engineering & migration services help you enhance user experience, functionality and migrating source or database to newer technologies.


Our application re-engineering and migration services help you identify the pain points in your existing applications, analyze and define future requirements, address operational problems, augment portability, upgrade the UI & UX, and help you build applications that are ready for the future – with minimal impact on ongoing activities.

Application & Portfolio Assessment
By contrasting the existing software and the role it plays in enterprises with your vision for future, we pinpoint focus areas for enhancing functionality. After making assessments, application portfolio analysis, and defining target architecture requirement, we offer a detailed roadmap for application re-engineering.

Application Portfolio Optimization
Our application portfolio optimization services help reduce functionality gaps, pinpoint misalignment between apps and business processes, and analyze cost-effectiveness. Following a phased and clearly outlined process, we build a roadmap for strategic alignment of the applications with your business which helps identify and mitigate risk factors, stimulates performance improvement, and ensures that your apps deliver optimum business value.

Application Modernization
Modernizing an application can help boost performance and relevance without jettisoning previous investment. We help migrate the application from nonstrategic languages to strategic languages, from underperforming platforms to optimum platforms, from one operating system to other operating system. Our well-defined and proven processes ensure automation and streamlining without the loss of business logic. By modernizing the applications, we make them a part of a scalable framework and mitigate security and performance risks associated with outdated technologies.

Application Data Migration
Our data migration services help you slash away redundant data, improve data quality, enhance data usability and hassle free migration from one platform to another. Our focus is on enabling lighting fast data access for quick business decisions, centralized data repository for an integrated view of information and standardization for lower cost of data maintenance.





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