With today’s rapid technology advances, organizations are compelled to deal with mission-critical applications facing obsolescence or end-of-life. Replacing versus re-engineering an application is often a difficult challenge. CST’s application migration and reengineering services alleviate clients’ uncertainties with fact-based analyses, leveraging industry best practices and lessons learned. Whether your situation requires addressing complete obsolescence or issues with cost, maintenance, licensing, support, performance, security or ease of use, we can help.


Our Services

  1. Migration assessments and proof of concepts
  2. Application porting or upgrade to a new operating system (OS) or database
  3. Application reengineering for new and improved business functionality
  4. Data and technology migration
  5. User experience upgrade
  6. Web enabling to allow leveraging, referencing and connecting to web resources
  7. Mobility to allow secure access to applications and data from any device, anywhere, anytime