Custom logistics software


Custom logistics software solutions offered by Custom Soft help companies to meet the challenges of today’s competitive markets. Our comprehensive logistics software enables companies to maximize profits and have better control over their transportation activities.


Key Features

  1. Track and trace inventory movement across the world
  2. Achieve complete compliance in documentation and other regulatory features
  3. Manage, use and retrieve all transportation data at the click of a mouse
  4. Complete all shipping documentation with ease
  5. Automate mass quantities of transportation-related data

Key Benefits

  1. Management, processing, retrieval and storage of all shipping data
  2. Optimized use of resources
  3. Reduced inventory levels
  4. Manage information across the supply chain efficiently
  5. Improved customer service
  6. Tracking the physical movement of inventory using smart tags
  7. Plan, optimize and execute business operations more efficiently
  8. Enable informed decisions based on accurate inventory tracking
  9. Accurate orders and improved deliveries
  10. Improved visibility of entire shipping process
  11. Establish best practice workflow
  12. Compliance with export laws and regulatory requirements