Cornerstone ATS recruiting software offers the tools you require to gain deeper insights across your entire workforce. It will increase performance of hiring teams.


Introduction to Cornerstone ATS

Cornerstone ATS is an Applicant Tracking System & Recruiting Software helps recruiting teams to keep track of all job requisitions, oversee candidates profiles and resumes, view application statuses, and even exchange candidate feedback, all from one single platform.

Our comprehensive development-driven recruiting and human capital management is successfully used by more than 3500 customers worldwide.

Why choosing us

  1. Simple, automated recruiting software
  2. Attract the top candidates
  3. Select the best-fit applicants
  4. Enable your frontline managers
  5. Onboard effectively
  6. Make data-driven decisions
  7. An integrated ecosystem

Features of Cornerstone recruiting software

  1. Assessments
  2. Background Screening
  3. Candidate Tracking
  4. Internal HR
  5. Interview Scheduling
  6. Onboarding
  7. Recruiting Firms
  8. Resume Parsing
  9. Resume Search