Cable Player


Cable Player is a Entry Level digital video player for cable TV operators. With Cable Player you need not worry about faulty VCRs’, VHS tapes, VCD Players or even the staff running your Cable Channel. All you have got to do is load movies, songs, ads, promos for days on the computer, set the sequence and let Cable Player do the rest. Cable Player will play your movies, songs along with advertisements. What’s more it also displays ad crawlers at the bottom of the screen. So you need not invest in additional titlers and overlay boxes.



  1. No need of Videos, VCD Players, Titlers, Overlay boxes to run your channel
  2. 80 GB Hard Disk holds approximately 128 Hours of Programming – thats over 50 Hindi Movies
  3. 1 Hr Program takes 8-10 minutes to copy from VCD and High quality Digital Output
  4. Repeat night movies in morning, etc without extra Hard disk space
  5. No operator for monitoring or tracking required
  6. Built-in titler with Easy-to-create scrolls and 127 special effects like Wipes, fades, zooms, etc…
  7. Supports GIF animated files, Swish and Flash with Mix-Colored, Mix-Font scrolls
  8. Display Autodesk FLC animated files and Run full screen spot ads at a set times of the day
  9. Flash Emergency messages without stopping channel and Records data of all movies,ads played in text files
  10. Continues movie in case of power failures from Point of Halt

Office Location – Mumbai