Bibliotheca Library RFID System


In 1931, a mathematician turned Librarian formulated the five laws of Library science, which almost a century later stays relevant and drives Library experts round the world each single day. As a tribute to the father of Library technology, Prof. S R Ranganathan, Ecole solutions has formulated the utility of RFID technology to empower Libraries to conform with, and practice those legal guidelines to serve the user community better than ever earlier than, as explained under.


Bibliotheca is the world’s leading company dedicated to the development, deployment and support of RFID, EM/RFID hybrid solutions, exclusively for libraries. Over 4,000 unique library sites with a deployed equipment range of well over 10,000 in over 40 countries represent Bibilotheca’s installation base around the world.

Product Highlights

  1. Only company dedicated to Library RFID products
  2. Highest Quality Standards
  3. Widest portfolio to meet any library’s needs and budgets
  4. liber8 software provides intuitive design for quick transactions
  5. Web-based Smart Admin Software
  6. Committed to global standards in RFID
  7. Designs engineered for usability and aesthetics
  8. Superior after-sales service



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