BambooHR is #1 Human Resource Management software in the world. BambooHR is used by more than 10k companies worldwide.


Introduction to BambooHR

Helping more than 10,000 clients & 1,000,000 employees, BambooHR is the top HR Software provider fueling the key development of HR in small and medium businesses. Our cloud-based software is a natural, moderate path for developing organizations to oversee basic worker data in a customized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Its product sets HR allowed to do extraordinary work and be more vital, which enables the whole association to do likewise.

BambooHR Software Modules

Applicant Tracking Software

Our applicant tracking software is a basic approach to achieve more qualified resources and track, share, and assess their candidate data. In addition, our ATS module works as an inseparable unit with our HR programming, so you can enter information once and you’re finished.

Custom Workflows

You can easily streamline your basic leadership and secure the integrity of your information. We make it simple for you to set up and streamline your most regular workflows, from supporting time-off solicitations to refreshing employee data. Full steam ahead!

Reporting Software

BambooHR’s reporting tool makes it simple to create complete reports on almost any data in your core HR system with just a few clicks. Right from workforce planning to approval tracking, our complete  reporting offers you the data you require to get ahead with certainty. We can assist  you analyze HR information rather than compile it, be proactive rather than reactive, and transform your HR office into the key asset it was meant to be.

Performance Management

Our performance management tool assists cut to the heart of efficient performance management. Our employee evaluations enhance action and reduce subjectivity, and the whole procedures consumes far less time than traditional talent management software.

Employee Database Software

BambooHR can help you track employee records easily. Right from basic categories like personal and pay info to as much custom data as you require, you can store and manage each of your records in one secure HRIS database. Additionally, it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, so you’ll always get the data you require.

Electronic Signatures

Our electronic signature software helps you streamline the process. Makes  on-boarding and open enrollment smoother while keeping your documents organized and accessible.