Avyukta Intellicall


We are providing customers’ Call Center Solutions, Strong domain expertise and extensive technology skills enable Avyukta Intellicall to provide high quality IT solutions & services to its valued call centers and BPO s. Avyukta Intellicall provides innovative, effective and high quality Call center Services to customers worldwide. 


Key Features

  1. Outbound: Predictive/Progressive/Manual Outbound Dialer
  2. Inbound ACD
  3. Single Tree IVRS
  4. Scalable to hundreds of seats (wrt single/multiple server capabilities)
  5. Conference/Flashback/Transfer/TPV/TPC
  6. Barge/Barge in Whisper/Snoop
  7. Custom Disposition (Both Cyclic and Non-Cyclic)
  8. Default Agent/Admin CRM/MIS/Pop Up/Custom Dispositions/Pause
  9. Codes/Custom Scripts/DND/URL Pass
  10. Real Time Monitoring
  11. Integrated call recording with required nomenclature
  12. 10+ Comprehensive Default Reports (30+ others wrt process)
  13. Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling (Multi campaigned)
  14. Scheduled Call-backs (with calendar scheduling)
  15. Scheduled call backs on Same Agent-Only and Anyone/ACD
  16. IVRs (Voicemail boxes and VM to EM as custom)
  17. Single-Multi Campaign / Agent
  18. Comprehensive call detail records (CDRs)
  19. Blended Login and Agent CRM Pop Up update on Commenting and