AVG Antivirus


We Delivers products and services to help make your digital world simpler to navigate, easier to secure, and more enjoyable to live in. Using the latest technologies in protection, privacy, and performance, our focus is on providing you with a secure, safe and frustration-free digital life. The AVG portfolio offers solutions for desktops and mobile devices on popular platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android and Mac—providing a wide range of solutions for individuals, families, and small businesses alike.


Key Features

  1. 24/5 English support
  2. Cloud Management Console
  3. File Shield
  4. Email Shield
  5. Web Shield
  6. Link Scanner
  7. Behavior Shield
  8. Firewall
  9. File Shredder
  10. Cyber Capture
  11. Smart Scanner
  12. SharePoint Protection
  13. Password Protection
  14. Exchange Protection