Appointment Agent


Appointment Agent is highly configurable that makes it perfect for businesses of any size and sector.Appointment Agent offers service businesses the ability to accept appointments online and even manage appointments coming on phone. The result is happier clients, improved efficiency, and increased profit.


Key Features

  1. Setup multiple locations
  2. Add holidays at location level
  3. Setup different services for different locations
  4. Configure automatic/manual confirmation
  5. Configure min and max appointment lead times
  6. Configure cancellation lead times
  7. Add, change or cancel appointments
  8. Set one or multiple appointments per time slot
  9. Simultaneously view schedules for multiple staff members
  10. Customize appointment durations as needed (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour, etc)
  11. Set and restrict staff services
  12. Maintain individual schedules
  13. Set vacations and block unavailable times
  14. Allow customers to schedule and cancel their own appointments.
  15. Permit customers to immediately book after registering or require approval first.
  16. Determine how far in advance customers can make and cancel appointments.
  17. Color-coded grid to determine appointment status.
  18. Allows customer to select specific staff member and service