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The most comprehensive  mobile  commerce  solution for a boomering  retail  bussiness. Our one-click integration makes it easy to extend your online business to apps.


Main Features

Custom Themes
Theme dynamically enhances the visual attractiveness of your app and we have an in-built plug-in with our vibrant themes.

Google Analytics
Google’s analytic products helps improve engagement by 33% and click-through by 21% for content promotions.

Download Appifycart plug-in for your Android and iOS devices directly from the Google Play and iTunes store.

Social Login
Appifycart plugin has a self integrated feature of social login through Google + and Facebook accounts.

Swipe Gesture
Swipe gestures are an impressive way to increase traffic on your app as it is for a smoother mobile experience.

Payment Gateways
Appifycart plug-in provides secure and user friendly payment gateways like paypal, and many more.

Appifycart plug-in supports all the default shipping methods & any third party extension for ecommerce store.

Technology Stack
Appifycart is built on Swift & Java programming language.

– iPhone & iPAD apps- Android phone & Tablet

User Account Management
Optimize user experience & build satisfying relationship by utilizing functionalities to manage your user accounts.

Product Cataloge
Appifycart has integrated a number of functionalities to enable you to set up your shopping app.

Theme Customization Tool
With the Appifycart plug-in you can customize numerous elements of the base theme to match your brand.

Seamless Integration
Any changes on the website to the Product categories, Catalog, Orders and user profile are reflected onto your app.

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