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Allplan accompanies you throughout the entire lifecycle of a building: from the initial concept and planning of how each individual component will fit together through to final construction. This includes a simple, straightforward software solution for your construction cost planning and AVA (tenders, allocation and accounting). Allowing you to concentrate fully on the what matters: bringing your vision to life.


Allplan BCM gives you a complete solution for construction cost planning and AVA. In addition it also creates the basis and module for the intelligent planning method Design2Cost.
The complete solution Design2Cost lets you determine the necessary quantities for cost calculation or requirement specifications simply and quickly based on the building model.

Allplan BCM – the AVA software offering numerous cost calculation methods

With Allplan BCM you can be sure of providing your client with reliable cost data. You retain an overview over changes in construction costs at every stage of the project and can provide precise cost information at any time.

From initial cost estimates and construction cost calculation to tendering, allocation and accounting, Allplan BCM covers the entire construction cost planning and tendering process.

Its intelligent design makes it easy to create contract specifications and to provide cost calculations for a project from the initial idea right through to execution and use. All data is recorded and clearly displayed – from the order itself to the checking of quantities and interim and final payments.

The benefit for you in your dealings with customers and business partners is the provision of a huge range of professionally designed reports with which you can analyze costs and display them correctly.

In addition, Allplan BCM is the basis for the planning method Design2Cost, the solution for drafting and planning from a cost perspective.

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