ABBYY FlexiCapture


ABBYY FlexiCapture is a highly accurate, scalable data processing and document capture solution that intelligently extracts, classifies and serves critical data from incoming image, email and document streams to decision makers – for better performance, document workflow process transparency and workload predictability.


Scalability and Enhanced Performance
FlexiCapture can be scaled both vertically and horizontally when deployed to support both high volume and fast document processing scenarios. Whether you need to process more than 1 million documents per day or 1,000 pages per minute, the architecture of FlexiCapture can scale to meet your processing requirements.

Service Level Agreement Support
SLA monitoring is the cornerstone of how business operates. Perform monitoring and analytics with new SLA Monitoring feature to ensure your systems are delivering the optimum results and performance.

Create a secured and isolated environment for tenants and apply common policies to different users with the Multi-tenancy feature. Use secure, centralized administration tools and separated licenses to protect data across multiple workgroups with less time for set-up.

Mobile Capture
Increase data availability and processing speed using mobile devices and other document sources for data entry. High quality of mobile uploads is ensured by the image enhancement tools. Confirmation reports notify you when images are uploaded and processed correctly.

Advanced Monitoring and Analytics Tools
These tools help you analyze document processing flow, ensure continuity of business process, optimize and prioritize resources or packages to tune performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

Smooth Integration
FlexiCapture’s robust APIs and progressive scripting enable tight integration with any systems of record and engagement, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Laserfiche, and more.

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