Yokart Multi Vendor E-commerce


YoKart® is Fully Customizable & Scalable marketplace offering Lifetime License. Best Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform. Zero Recurring Fees. Free Installation. Quick Setup. Enterprise Level Solution. 100% Custom & Scalable.  


Yo!Kart is a multi-vendor marketplace solution developed with a mission to help startups and big enterprises looking for a one-size-fits-all marketplace solution for their business needs. Prior to the launch of Yo!Kart, several multi-vendor solutions existed in the market but there was a scarcity of a dedicated multi-vendor platform to launch a multi-vendor marketplace without any 3rd party plugin dependencies.

Key features of our Multi-vendor Marketplace

  1. eCommerce Features
  2. Marketing Features
  3. Design Features
  4. Payment Features
  5. Product Management Features
  6. Reporting Features
  7. Conversion
  8. Shop Management
  9. Shipping Management

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