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Xsilica Software Solutions, with its global presence is well positioned to harness the best minds from different parts of the world to provide clients with high-quality, cost-effective solutions for their business and IT needs. Our OUTSOURCING Division provides a complete solution you can rely on to ensure your project’s success. We provide the methodology, experienced staff, and project management oversight needed to achieve your strategic goals.


Web Solutions
Xsilica offers a range of solutions that enables a smooth & direct connect between customers, suppliers, partners, and employees worldwide, resulting in improvement of current systems for sharing information and selling products.

Custom Solutions
Xsilica has qualified, trained resources with capability to undertake any custom solutions for our customers by understanding their business & industry needs across various applications.

Mobile Solutions
Xsilica has a large taskforce of highly skilled resources enabling quality & innovative solutions using the best practices for application development, project delivery and application deployment with well-guided systems.

Cloud Solutions
Xsilica’s flexible & efficient shared processing resources provides seamless solutions using integrated cloud computing systems including Cloud Deployment and Cloud Consulting that can make moving to & across various cloud platforms.

Security Solutions
Xsilica offers security solutions that address the key challenges faced by enterprises today, and aims to protect and secure every client’s business needs, information security requirements and compliance of programs.

Database Solutions
Xsilica has the capability and resources to manage even the most complex databases, ensuring the smooth functioning without any security loopholes, business disruptions and performance bottlenecks.

Software Testing
Xsilica offers various solutions to help achieve strategic objectives, improve the quality, reliability and performance of your IT systems, and speedier time to market for applications, at low software testing costs.

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