Xpresion is courier management software and tracking system used by express industry worldwide. We give end-to-end solutions to courier, cargo and logistic industry.


Introduction to Xpresion – Courier Management Software

Xpresion courier management software ease day to day operations, billing and Track-n-Trace functionality for a courier and cargo and logistics company. Our product is used by small and mid size companies worldwide.

Xpresion offline features

  1. Third Party Software Bridging –Tally accounting software
  2. Real Time Track-n-Trace of Shipment through integration from International Service Providers
  3. Bar Code Scanning Interface
  4. Account Receivable
  5. Automatic Data Transfer on web site for Track and Trace (in case of offline Xpresion)
  6. Data Import from Excel
  7. Customer / Vendor / Sales Executive wise profitability
  8. Flexible Fuel Surcharge
  9. Service level Report (Delivery Transit Time)
  10. Pickup Register
  11. Branch Network Integration
  12. Complaint Register
  13. Transit Time calculator
  14. Point to Point Shipment Tracking
  15. AWB / POD / DRS Image View
  16. SMS / Email Alerts for Pickups & deliveries
  17. Data Exchange between branches & Consolidation of data @ HO level.
  18. Sales Executive Commission Report.
  19. Operations,Billing, Accounting And Track & Trace for Courier companies
  20. User define access rights & Security
  21. Devices Adapters for – Barcode, RFID & Mobile phones
  22. One Click Invoice Generation

Xpresion online features

  1. No installation at local computer is required
  2. Standard features of Xpresion made available
  3. Access any where any time
  4. Low cost of setting up
  5. Can cover network of branches simultaneously at once
  6. Minimum Support requirements