WooCommerce Hide Price


WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Plugin allows creating rules for specific user roles.You can hide price and add to cart button for specific products, categories, user roles, and countries.


Introduction to WooCommerce Hide Price

The admin can enable or disable the manual approval of the new user’s accounts. When the user’s account will be approved or rejected the users will be notified by e-mail notification. The notification settings can be enabled or disabled.


  1. Hide Price & Add to Cart For Non-Registered Users.
  2. Hide Price & Add to Cart For Specific User Roles.
  3. Hide Prices For Specific Product & Categories.
  4. Hide Price & Add to Cart For Specific Countries.
  5. Replace Price with Custom Text.
  6. Replace Add to Cart with a Button, External Link.
  7. Create Multiple Rules to Hide Prices & Add to Cart.
  8. Approve New Users Registration Manually or Automatically.