It covers a wide range of hospital administration and management processes, and provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making and future business planning in Indian Hospitals. The Hospital Management System incorporates advanced diagnostics practices and delivers key tangible benefits to clients across India. 


Core Features

WinMedi 5.0 Core Features:

  • IPD & OPD Patients Management
  • OT Management, Real Time Estimated Bill Preview
  • Daily Expanse Management, Daily Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Date Wise Report
  • Patients Profile Viewer
  • Consent For Obstetric Surgery
  • Consent For Surgery
  • Admission Consent Ticket
  • OPD Dr. Pad Printing
  • Billing System
  • Old Bills Editing
  • Duplicate Bill Printing
  • Pending Bill Management
  • Daily Investigations Reporting System
  • Room Availability Viewer etc etc…

Office Location : Assam

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