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Wings ERP FMCG & Packaged Goods is designed to take care of the special requirements of the FMCG and Packaged Goods business – manufacturers, traders, distributors, sub-distributors, C&F Agents etc. It is the only software tailored for the business and offers tremendous value to users.


Complete Solution.
• Multiple Businesses and Principals
• Multiple units of stock handling
• Multiple companies
• Promo Schemes, Display Schemes, Coupon Schemes
• Routes/Beats – for billing, collection, dispatches etc.
• Load Charts with Delivery Instructions
• Van Sales/Ready Stock
• Salesmen Productivity
• Sales Analysis including coverage, distribution width & effective coverage
• Retail Performance
• Offtake Reporting
• Sales Monitoring Reports
• Sales Category Penetration Reports
• Targets Vs Achievements
• Online or Offline billing simultaneously
• Last Year Current Year Comparison Reports
• Tracking Competitors’ Activities, and more

Manage Centrally
• Easily consolidate data of all stores and warehouses over the internet
• Get company-wide reports of all functions
• Standardize and maintain single inventory, customer, supplier and price lists across all stores
• Configure and manage the software centrally
• Find out cash balances and stock of each product of each store, instantly
• Avoid product stock-outs when stock exists in other stores
• Control prices charged and discounts offered by stores
• Item order in a store and deliver from another, without communication
• View customer balance in all branches. Adjust debit balance in one branch against credit balance in another
• And more…

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