Wings ERP


Wings ERP FMCG & Packaged Goods is designed to take care of the special requirements of the FMCG and Packaged Goods business – manufacturers, traders, distributors, sub-distributors, C&F Agents etc. It is the only software tailored for the business and offers tremendous value to users.


Key Features

  1. Multiple Businesses and Principals
  2. Multiple units of stock handling
  3. Multiple companies
  4. Promo Schemes, Display Schemes, Coupon Schemes
  5. Routes/Beats – for billing, collection, dispatches etc.
  6. Load Charts with Delivery Instructions
  7. Van Sales/Ready Stock
  8. Salesmen Productivity
  9. Sales Analysis including coverage, distribution width & effective coverage
  10. Retail Performance
  11. Offtake Reporting
  12. Sales Monitoring Reports
  13. Sales Category Penetration Reports
  14. Targets Vs Achievements
  15. Online or Offline billing simultaneously
  16. Last Year Current Year Comparison Reports
  17. Tracking Competitors’ Activities, and more