Vox Transcoder | VoIP Transcoding & Codec Conversion


Vox Transcoder is a smart transcoding application that enables the conversion of iLBC codecs supported by mobile endpoints to G711 codecs supported by SIP standard softswitches. This is necessary to ensure codec compatibility.


  • Superior VoIP Codec Conversion
  • Seamless VoIP calling experience
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Prevents call drops


Seamless communication with your softswitch is a non-issue when using the Vox Transcoder application, irrespective of the mobile endpoints used by customers.

  • Easy to use GUI to monitor calls and generate reports
  • Supports NAT Traversal, enabling calls when originated from inside a private IP Network.
  • Real-time load balancing can move calls among servers in mid-call.

Technical Specifications

  • Automatic transport protocol and NAT detection
  • Codec transcoding between G711 to iLBC
  • Supports RFC 3261
  • Supports SIP2SIP calls
  • Supports UDP/TCP transport protocols for signaling
Source : http://voxvalley.com




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