Vox CCS | Client Configuration Server


This provisioning server allows the Service Provider or Enterprise IT Manager to control the installation and maintenance of an unlimited number of Mobile and Desktop MoSIP clients.


  • Auto-configure unlimited SIP softphone clients
  • Configuration changes in the server are dynamically
  • Saves time & resources
  • Simplifies switch migration
  • Softphone clients are always kept up-to-date


Upon installation and activation, the mobile devices/desk phones automatically logs into the CCS and downloads the latest versions of the application and all required configuration files. There is no need to individually configure each end-point instance. The mobile application can periodically polls the CCS so that version and configuration changes always up-to-date.

  • Easily monitor and manage the softphone client configuration with browser based management interface
  • Easily review subscriber base activity with respect to softphone configuration and usage and create customized reports exported to CSV format.
  • Create customized dashboards to view softphone configuration and usage statistics for different user groups.
  • Enable or disable individual call/extension management features on the mobile app or desk phones

Source : http://voxvalley.com





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