Alliance VoiceXchange with a configurable call flow offers a fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product to connect your customers, databases, telephones, and fax machines.Customer can call and receive answers to specific questions or place an order and receive faxed confirmations.


Key Benefits

  1. Anytime, anywhere, anyway customer service
  2. Quicker resolution of service issues
  3. Faster time to market
  4. Multi-language customer service
  5. Deploys new service without heavy investment
  6. Allocation of customer service agents to more complex tasks
  7. Cost savings from operational efficiency
  8. Fast, consistent information delivery
  9. Can be used as a Fax-on-demand service
  10. Provide the most updated product or service information
  11. Record customer messages for follow-up later
  12. Store thousands of pages of fax information to send to customers upon request
  13. Perform automated transaction processing without human intervention
  14. Make over-due payment reminder outbound calls
  15. Automatically generate detailed call statistics reports

Key Features

  1. Receive a call
  2. Define a menu of choices callers will hear
  3. Recognize DTMF tones
  4. Play information to callers
  5. Change the speed and volume level of a message
  6. Speak Information stored in an electronic audio file
  7. Read aloud text stored in ASCII format (optional)
  8. Send and receive ADSI information (optional)
  9. Verify a caller’s identity
  10. Retrieve/update information stored on host PC or via LAN
  11. Transfer the call to suitable CSR
  12. Screen pop-up