VoiceSys is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end transcription management software that can control the entirety of medical records documentation process.It systematically manages the transcription file flow, by transferring data files from the doctor to transcription office, and transcribed files back to the doctor.


Key Features

  1. Self explanatory audio control buttons and user interface that guides you through dictation, file upload, transcript download, dictation review and editing
  2. Dictation collected through PC, Telephone, Digital  Recorders, Handheld Computers ,Smartphones and Internet
  3. Automatic routing of recorded files through VS server for work allocation
  4. Medical transcription with dictionary and audio playback
  5. Report generating engine and print server
  6. Supports home based medical transcription
  7. Priority setting (STAT) for urgent process request
  8. Easy to use touch screen controls and navigation buttons
  9. Security code to prevent unauthorized patient record access




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