VitalHealth CHM


VitalHealth Software’s Collaborative Health Management solution is a multi-disciplinary collaborative medical record with optimized support for treatment of patients diagnosed with one or more chronic conditions. The core of the solution provides an individualized treatment plan specific to each patient, while providing rich support to all care disciplines involved in the care process. Furthermore, the patient can actively participate in their own care process through an individualized patient portal experience.


Key Features

  1. Multi-disease solution with individualized treatment plans and goals
  2. Physician can continue to use existing EHR based on a 2-way integration with the VitalHealth CHM solution
  3. User friendly, with flexible configuration capabilities per care group
  4. Decision support and process support, including task delegation
  5. Support for all care disciplines involved in the care process
  6. Easy-to-interpret care summary showing the latest relevant information concerning multiple conditions
  7. Invoicing and claims processing support for collaborative care groups
  8. Effective self-management capabilities with access to relevant education material
  9. Holistic health management approach
  10. Scalable and configurable, based on the VitalHealth Platform