VidyaWell School ERP


Vidyawell is one of the best user friendly School Management Software with a dedicated school management app.  It offers features like School Accounts management, Fee Management, Transportation management, Library management, Admission management, Attendance management SMS system, Timetable system, etc.


Introduction to VidyaWell School ERP

VidyaWell is an advanced cloud-based school management ERP solution that comes integrated with technologies like geofencing, SMART attendance, Digital Diary, and LIVE timetable.

The application not only facilitates the management of schools and simplifies the responsibilities of the management but also makes education more accessible, easy and fun with its extensive and dedicated modules.

Our Modules

  1. Student Management
  2. Fee Management
  3. Student record Management
  4. Library Management
  5. Exam Result Management
  6. Library Management
  7. Notification Management
  8. Payroll Management
  9. Stock Management
  10. Purchase Management
  11. Finance Management