Our real-time solution is highly configurable and can support a variety of financial service business models, including high-volume operations, branchless banking, person-to-person lending and the under-banked markets, while greatly improving your efficiency through process-orientation and revenue generation


Innovation, alignment, responsiveness and cost effectiveness represent our corner stone principles for investing and delivering solutions to the financial services industry. TrustBankCBS can be deployed in support of the enterprise or in a modular fashion to provide business support for a particular product or service line. The enterprise relationship database model of TrustBankCBS affords both Horizontal and Vertical scalability and is accessible through self-service, branch and back-office channels.

As a result, a comprehensive view of the entire customer relationship is available, providing relevant information on customer exposure, profitability and client information. The enterprise banking platform is a highly cost effective solution that can be deployed asa hosted or in-house solution.