Truck Dispatch Software


Mobisoft Infotech provides on-demand technology development for trucking and logistics businesses with some key advantages.


The truck dispatch app also helps business to handle practical as well as the decision-making process in transport and logistics. The mobile app for logistics can work as the in-house information system for the business. The mobile app development companies also conduct research before designing and developing an app to ensure a better experience and help companies handle business processes easily. Research is also conducted by the business before going for a customized app development, as to offer a unique mobile application.

Features of our software

  1. Uninterrupted interaction with the transportation team, drivers, clients, and contractors.
  2. Managing inventories and satisfying the client’s demands.
  3. Tracking shipping and consignments orders from the place of origin to the destination.
  4. Analyzing order deliveries, shortest routes and transport schedule is important.
  5. All the basic features should be provided to support the process of delivery.
  6. Providing real-time tracking and GPS data to managers with help of an app.
  7. Ensuring cost management and on-time delivery.
  8. Executing service contracts, data intelligence, task automation and web integration are the important things for a smooth functioning of the business.