TrackOlap Lead Management Dashboard meticulously presents qualified leads for salespeople to quickly convert them into paying customers.


Introduction to TrackOlap

TrackOlap Sales CRM helps you manage all touchpoints in the sales funnel and customer relationship management process. This tool helps organizations to reduce lead leakage, shorten the sales cycle and remove all bottlenecks from the sales pipeline.

Key Features of TrackOlap

  1. Lead Support via mobile
  2. Easily prioritize hot leads
  3. Follow-up leads in real-time
  4. Follow up and move up the pipeline
  5. Simplify complex tasks
  6. Assign tasks remotely on one click
  7. Monitor a task progress in real-time
  8. Meet tight deadlines
  9. Real-time tracking details on the app
  10. Geofence your field workers
  11. Monitor Employees using mobile app
  12. Boost productivity and efficiency
  13. Real-time tracking details on the app
  14. Geofence your field workers
  15. Monitor Employees using mobile app
  16. Boost productivity and efficiency