TotalSchool is top school management software. Is is multipurpose cloud based software. This school software is highly customizable.


Introduction to TotalSchool

TotalSchool is multipurpose state of the art School Management System. It is cloud based school automation software, creative and amazing user-friendly interface used by tons of schools, colleges, universities  and other educational institutions.

Features of TotalSchool

  1. Parent Family Management
  2. Parent Mobile Notifications
  3. Invoice Management
  4. User Privileges And Logs Management
  5. Parent Access
  6. User Management
  7. Teachers Time Table
  8. Student Fee Plan & Instalments Management
  9. Teacher Access And Management
  10. School HR Management
  11. Electronic Entry Test
  12. School Assets Management
  13. Online Student Registration Form
  14. School Inventory Management
  15. Highly Reliable
  16. Online Student Result View
  17. Online Student Fee Statement View
  18. Exam Management
  19. School Account Management
  20. Paperless Administration
  21. Result Management
  22. Electronic Student Attendance
  23. Web Based System
  24. Student Approval Center
  25. Student Dues Management
  26. Student Announcements
  27. Transportation Management
  28. Student Access
  29. Student Information
  30. Online Student Attendance View