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Info-X has recognized that such a logistic software solution is essential in order to manage a successful logistic chain with their ever increasing complexities, particularly when we consider the expansive geographical territories for the import-export trade, the fast increasing pace of business and the requirement for real time data visibility around the clock.


The value added features of our innovative solutions, which separate us from our competitors, are:

  1. Custom designed to operate independently as modules or as an integrated package
  2. Supports inter-enterprise collaborations with EDI capabilities
  3. Can be custom-tailored to suit the requirements of the customer
  4. Incorporates cross-border customs compliance
  5. Robust, multimodal functionality covering Ocean, Air and Ground transportation
  6. Documents can be simultaneously faxed, emailed and printed
  7. Faster implementation due to seamless integration with existent systems
  8. High visibility and greater control over the supply chain with real time cargo tracking service
  9. Ease of use and maintenance

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