TimeMate: Biometric Time & Attendance


TimeMate tracks employees Attendance & Time and provides a daily understanding of time records as reports or for processing by PayCare payroll software. As a result, TimeMate cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from time mismanagement errors, and savings in terms of money and man-hours that could have been lost due to mishandled time cards and employees punching in for each other.


Advantages & Benefits
● Cut down on administrative time.
● Flexi Time: Office-type environment.
● Fixed Time: Environments with shift work and night work.
● Contract Time: Casual and contract workers.
● Access via intranet or Internet using web browser.
● Embedded localization capability.
● Graphical representation of events, schedules and time calculations
● Interfaced with PayCare or existing Payroll software.

Source : http://www.intelliob.com