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Introduction to TigerLRM

TigerLRM is is the Next-Generation Sales Enablement Tools for End-to-End Sales Process Optimization and Adoption. Its  your centralized hub for lead acquisition and management throughout the pre-close sales cycle, filling the void that traditional CRMs leave between a leads journey from engaging with marketing channels to being your customer.

Key Features of TigerLRM

  1. Sales Playbook
  2. Learning Management System
  3. Digital Asset Management
  4. Save Time with AI-Driven Sales Automation
  5. Automate Your Sales Pipelines
  6. Auto Follow-Up
  7. Reporting and Analytics
  8. Integrated Telephony
  9. SMS Messaging
  10. Email Syncing
  11. Social Media Messaging
  12. Enhanced Lead and Opportunity Management
  13. Contact Management
  14. Task and Activity Tracking
  15. Centralized Calendars
  16. Simplified Lead Capture
  17. Inquiry Forms
  18. TigerChat